Mansfield Health Center

 200 Copeland Dr, Mansfield, MA 02048, USA

 +1 508-339-4144

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  • Plosker is by far the worst - found a spot on my kidney during an Ultra Sound and had to get a referral to a Urologist - so I called for a consult and to see what my options were and this guy buried his head in the sand - DID NOT RESPOND!!!! Amazing he still has his license. This site forces you to chose a star option - NONE WAS EARNED

  • First, do no harm; The hypocratic oath. Seems laughable after my experience at mansfield health center. If your Dr. does not attempt to establish rapport before making critical decisions about your health, consider finding a new Dr.

  • We really like Dr McDeed. She is so well informed and so nice to deal with. I’m so glad we found her!!

  • Terrible all around. From the doctors to the receptionist they are rude and unprofessional and even CVS has said they do not know how to fill out a simple prescription correctly. Do not at all cost have them as your primary care physicians

    I've lived in Mansfield my entire life and no one has ever been so discourteous there until now 2020. They need a serious overall. I highly recommend you go somewhere else if possible!!

    When calling to get my medical records I was transferred to a desk where the assistant was out and claimed messages would not be checked. When I called back I was told "They do not control the mail and legally they don't have to do anything for 30 days" - THANKS.