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  • Can’t being to say how amazing our appointment was. I took my son in for his 1st pair of contact fitting. Upon arrival I was greeted by the staff. All his paper work was already filled out via an email so I didn’t have to fill anything out there. We had no wait what soever. Dr. Rached took her time and answered all my sons questions and we didn’t feel rushed. She also helped him pick out his glasses after listening to the styles he likes. I would most defiantly be back with my other kids and my self.

  • Very easy to schedule an appointment. The examination was fast and painless and the staff and doctors were professional and friendly. The pricing is very reasonable.
    Definitely recommended.

  • The employees and optometrist were very knowledgable and had awesome service. But keep an eye on the slip you sign when you go in. Our co-pay would have just been $10 each, and they performed other procedures without informing us that it would cost us more money. Very unprofessional in that regard. Will not be returning.

  • Everyone was very nice, but its apparent that they just want to upsale anything they can. Came here for a new patient appointment, due to moving and needing to find a new optometrist. I had all my records sent to the office, and they still asked me to provide my previous prescription and contact lense brand. I told them I was happy with my contact I used, and was not interested in a different kind. Dr. Lynch gave me daily samples that I already told him I did not like to wear, and then charged me $55 for a contact lense fitting I did not want.
    They also did a retinal scan that they charge $39 dollars for without even telling me it is an extra charge or giving me the option to opt out.
    I am very unimpressed with the service and how it was all handled. For me and my husband, what should have been a $20 copay turned into $160 unexpectedly.


    I apologize for the contact lens fitting comment, I have checked my insurance and see where I errored. Within an hour the daily lenses had already started drying my eyes out. So I will stay with my originals.
    I still stand by that you should inform your patients that the retinal scan is not covered and it will be an additional fee. Just claiming you do it for eye health comes off as very shady without giving your patients informed consent.
    Overall I think you personally are a very knowledgeable physician.

    Update #2

    Both Dr. Lynch and his office manager reached out to me to discuss the situation. Both were very kind and concerned about righting the situation. Marisa took my feedback and assured me it is in their practice to inform patients of the benifits/cost of extra services and apologized that we were not informed.

    Very impressed with everything. Would recommend.

  • When for some special eye testing today. Everyone is so very nice and very professional there. It's a pleasure to visit. ❤