Portland VA Health Care System- Vancouver

 1601 E 4th Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661, USA

 +1 360-696-4061


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Health Insurance Washington State – Vancouver,WA

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  • Getting a call back from this place is nearly an act of God. It takes them usually a week or more and then only after several frustrating calls and messages from you left for them on their answering machines. The care once you actually see someone is good.

  • All the issues with the Puget Sound system start here. If you ever have an issue, the VA will be the first ones to tell you why your experience shouldn't have happened. Then they will go out of their way to lecture you over the fact that since it shouldn't have happened, that means it couldn't have happened.

    They take faults with the system as personal insults, then they don't report them and the system never changes. As it stands we don't need help navigating the VA. The VA can't even navigate the VA. What we need is a better VA. Until that happens, every single person is in charge of an area needs to be investigated for ethically criminal behavior.

  • Vancouver, Washington VA Clinic. Is part of Portland Oregon VA Hospital. They a lot of great Doctors and staff here. They have most clinics that you need here. They run shuttle bus to Portland VA Hospital Monday - Friday.
    It's just nice to not go to Portland for most treatments. They have the latest MRI machine it is more powerful Portland VA hospitals.
    They have Lab here so you get your blood and other work without going to Portland

  • I've been dealing with cancer you 5 years. The primary I have here in Vancouver is fantastic. He immediately sent me to Portland when he found out 3 years ago. Every appointment is easy, and I have blood work done in Vancouver before my Chemo in Portland. I couldn't ask for better care.