Total Care

 5107 NE 94th Ave Suite A, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA

 +1 360-597-3059

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  • Loved this company. Loved the people I worked for. They were a family! and cared about everyone they employed. They always encouraged growth and worked with your schedule.

  • This is the best place i have worked at. The company actually cares about their employees and they always make their appreciation for the hardwork known. Very flexible scheduling. I found my home away from home with total care :)

  • I never review my workplaces. Well I didn’t. But after having been falsely accused of doing so by a nightmare of an employer, I realized how lucky I was to have worked for Total Care. They actually care. They care about their staff, they care about their clients, they care about the laws of Washington state and follow them. They care if you may get injured, they care if you are properly trained so you won’t injure clients. I worked for another company I won’t name. They really made me appreciate Total Care. Sure, other companies may tell you more of what you want to hear, but will they actually deliver it? Most importantly, I am a caregiver, Total Care, let me care about my/their clients. Which means, your loved ones will be cared for by someone who is also feeling cared about. That’s huge. That’s important when you are thinking about who you want in your loved ones home. You want a confident, caring, CNA or HCA that also feels like they matter.

  • The best company I have ever worked for. Really cares about their caregivers. Tara, the client coordinator is an angel, very caring and accommodating.

  • I have worked for Totalcare for almost 4 yrs!! They are the best company by far that I have work for...The hours are good and they work with you if you need any time off.. Clients are great, I enjoy going to work every day. Staff is nice and friendly.